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Gas analyzers with an FID (flame ionization detector) are well suited for the continuous total hydrocarbon measurement. In the first approach, the measuring result is proportional to the number of C-atoms in the relevant molecule.


* Ease of Maintenance
* Cost Effective
* Maximum Uptime
* Proven Flame Ionisation Detector
* Robust Design
* Automatic Operation
* Minimum Operator Interference
* Sensitivity < 20ppb of Methane
* Flexible Design

Target Market:

* Air Separation Units
* Industrial Gas Producers
* Specialty Gas Manufacturers
* Refinery Gas
* Natural Gas
* Solvent Recovery Units


* Impurities in C1 to C5 in Oxygen / in Air
* Impurities in C2H2 in Oxygen
* Refinery Gas Analysis
* Natural Gas Analysis
* Analysis of CO & CO2 using Methaniser